4 LIFE - A one man band and a one stop shop!

4 LIFE IS A ONE-MAN BAND rocking on photography and rich media documentaries. I am a storyteller at heart always up for a good adventure. I take pride in the fine quality and detailed finishing in all of my works.

As a photographer I aim to raise my bar on every step I take. Now days I am adding more richness and depth to my stories with the use of audio and moving images. I find it challenging to incorporate these media to my photography and to the stories I tell.

With over 15 years of professional expertise in the fields of photography, graphic design and web design I deliver print-ready material to any medium. I am a one-stop-shop. Combined with a John Shaft -like delivery rates; ten times out of ten, I am a force to recon with.

Please feel free to Contact me for info, commissions and print sales.


Approach to my photography is to work with available light and minimize the guidance of my subjects in order to preserve the prevailing atmosphere and emotions.

I aim to tell stories that evoke emotions and bridge the gap between the object and the viewer.

I my portfolios in the links below you can view my works in depth: On-stageOff-stageSports


With the use of audio and moving images I am adding more richness and depth to my storytelling, aiming to harness the craft of digital storytelling.

Working by myself I am able to go into restricted places and delicate situations without distractions, that would be caused by a big production team.

My recent video-works are available on my Vimeo-channel.